Welcome to Harrisburg School District

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff,

Did you know that each year, the lives of thousands of men, women, teens and children in our community and region are saved or improved through the generous gift of organ donation? 

Please take a moment to watch this WHTM abc27 exclusive story about two extraordinary sisters at our SciTech Campus and their search for a matching kidney donor. Their hope, determination and will to live will inspire you to get involved!

Click here to watch this amazing story!

To learn how you can help our student, please contact Dr. Sieta Achampong, Principal of Harrisburg High School, SciTech Campus at 717-703-1900 or Kirsten Keys, Public Relations Coordinator at (717) 514-6520.

To learn more about organ donation and how you can give the GIFT of LIFE visit www.donors1.org.

Thank you.

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