2011 Overview



No Child Left Behind
District and School Report Cards

NCLB Report Cards are an important source of information about performance and accountability. They allow our district to compare data in a consistent way and highlight opportunities for improvement.


This report card will show not only the achievement of students overall, but also the progress that disaggregated groups are making in closing achievement gaps. Report card data help our schools and district to focus on specific groups of students who are currently not meeting academic standards.


The report card is designed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to ensure that the public is fully informed about performance, and to promote broader participation and better decision-making by providing a shared source of performance data. This federal initiative is based on the idea that a well-informed public plays an important part

in school improvement.


Using Report Card Data

Report cards should be used to share information. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is not measured by the strength of this report card. The data on this report card may not match AYP data published for this district.