2009 Supplemental Educational Services

Supplemental Educational Services (SES)


What are Supplemental Education Services (SES)?

The No Child Left Behind Law of 2001 requires that all low income children in Schools classified as School Improvement II, and Corrective Action I and II must be offered Supplemental Educational Services (SES), such as tutoring, after-school or summer school.  These services provide additional tutoring in reading and/or mathematics. A specified amount of funding is available for each low income child.

Who are “eligible” students?
Eligible students are those from low-income families who remain in schools that fail to meet state standards for at least three years.  These students are given priority in school choice and supplemental education services.

What schools are identified for SES for the 2009-2010 school year?

For the 2009-2010 school year, the SES providers have been approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to serve Harrisburg School District low income students in the following schools:

Benjamin Franklin School                   School Improvement II

Camp Curtin School                          Corrective Action II

Career Technology Academy             School Improvement II

Foose School                                   Corrective Action II

Hamilton School                                School Improvement II

Harrisburg High School                       Corrective Action II

Lincoln School                                  Corrective Action II

Marshall School                                 Making Progress in Corrective Action II

Melrose School                                 Corrective Action I

Rowland School                                Corrective Action I                           



Who are the SES Approved Providers?

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has approved the following providers for Supplemental Educational Services:


SES Provider

Address and Contact Information

Type of Instruction

20674 Hall Road

Clinton Township, MI 48038

(800) 913-0944


Distance Learning Tutoring

608 Market St.

New Cumberland, PA 17070

(717) 730-7070


Small Group

Distance Learning Tutoring

15310 Amberly Dr.

Tampa, FL 33647

(800) 434-2582


Small Group

3850 Woodhaven Road

Philadelphia, PA 19154

Small Group

25 Gateway Drive, Ste. 108

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050



Small Group

1100 North Mountain Road

Harrisburg, PA 17112

(717) 652-0646

Small Group


More complete information about each provider is available by selecting the name of the provider in the above chart. 


In addition, each district building has copies of provider details in the office for your review.  Evidence of the effectiveness of providers is available through the Division of Federal Programs at the Pennsylvania Department of Education on their website: https://www.pases.ed.state.pa.us/Screens/wfPublicSearch.aspx.  Once at the website, simply select the county you reside in and click the “search” button.  After the list appears you can click on the “view additional details” link to help you make an informed decision.  


How does a parent register for SES?

Please remember that a child is eligible only one time for the tutoring during the school year.  Please note that only low income children from the schools listed above are eligible for SES


SES Sign-up Dates

The first sign-up with SES providers will take place from September 10-30, 2009.

A second sign-up period for SES will take place from December 1-18, 2009.


SES Registration Form

Link to SES Parent Registration Form 2009-2010


The form for registering for SES is also available in each individual school office.

Please note that Parent Disclosure Forms must accompany the application, and no information shared with the district will be disclosed.


SES District Contact

For more information about SES, you may contact Dr. Debra Ferguson, Federal Programs Director at 717-703-4167.