Welcome to Downey School Based Centers

         Downey School-Based Health Center 

              1313 Monroe Street         
Harrisburg, PA 17103
          (717) 703-1268     

Hamilton Health Center, The Harrisburg School District and Highmark Foundation have partnered to sponsor the School-Based Health Center at Downey School. 
The goals of the School-Based Health Center are to provide access to care for dental and medical services and to promote the overall health of students so they can benefit fully from their educational program. 
The brochure describes the available Dental and Medical Services.

To enroll your child in the School-Based Health Center: complete and return the attached permission slip as soon as possible to the Downey School-Based Center.  It can be mailed to: 

Downey School-Based Health Center
1313 Monroe Street
Harrisburg, Pa 17103

Do you have questions about the Downey School-Based Health Center?  Call 703-1268 for more details.