Transcript E-Request

Transcript E-Request
Posted on 06/25/2018
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Current students in the class of 2019 who are applying for post secondary education can request their transcript online, instead of coming to the Guidance office to complete a paper request form. Students can quickly and easily create an account and start requesting transcripts right away! Click-HERE to get started

The benefits of an online transcript request include

    • Convenience for Students - Requests can be made right from the home computer without having to miss class to go to the Guidance.
    • Faster Service - Parchment immediately notifies the Guidance of the transcript request and transcripts can be processed within 48 hours
    • Easy Tracking - Students can follow, via Parchment, exactly where their transcript is in the process
    • More Secure Delivery - Since transcripts are sent electronically they go directly into the student's file at college, there is no chance of a paper transcript getting misplaced or lost in the mail
    • Good for the Environment - Using electronic transcripts will save hundreds of pieces of paper that were used to print out paper transcripts in the past