School Board Members

The School District of the City of Harrisburg
1601 State Street
Harrisburg, PA  17103 
Judd R. Pittman, President
Human Resources Committee Chair
Board Representative to LERTA
Danielle Robinson, Vice President

Brian Carter
Community Relations Committee Chair

Carrie Fowler, School Director
Academic, Instruction, and Student Services Committee Chair
Percel Eiland, School Director

Lionel Gonzalez
Alternate Board Representative to DCTS JOC
Ellis R. Roy, Jr.
Board Representative to DCTS JOC
Budget, Finance, & Facilities Committee Chair

Tyrell Spradley

Melvin Wilson, Jr.
Board Representative to DCTS JOC
Board Representative to HACC
Carol Kaufmann, Board Secretary (non-member)
Treasurer (non-member)
James Snell, Chief Financial Officer

Bilal Hasan, Assistant Business Manager

Samuel T. Cooper, III, Esq., Solicitor(non-member)