Memo to Principals-- Use of Tittle III funds for Translation and Interpretation Services

It is important to communicate with parents in their preferred language and mode of communication. Below are the interpretation and translation services provided by the district. Please use the appropriate service when communicating with ESL parents.
 Provides numerous parent notices in different languages. The forms include: Home language survey, Parent-teacher conferences, Welcome to school letter, many Tittle III forms, etc. For first time users, use the Quick Start Guide to learn how to register and get some tips on how to navigate the website.
Provides interpretation services for all OTHER languages outside of Spanish.
**  Simplify language when communicating with parents; educational terms don't always transfer well in other languages.
Provides interpretation services for Spanish ONLY. Please use Language Line when communicating with Spanish speaking parents, not InterpreTALK. 
** Simplify language when communicating with parents, educational terms don't always transfer well in other languages.
Interpretation Request Form
  For special assistance with Spanish interpretation please fill out the above form and send to the ESL Parent Liaison-- This request is used when there is an event with a number of Spanish speaking parents attending.
Translation Request Form
  The ESL Parent Liaison can assist in translation of English/Spanish documents. If assistance is needed, e-mail; attach the request form along with the document/form that needs to be translated. Please check TransACT before sending a request form as they provide many forms and documents in different languages.
 Code of Ethics
Last Modified on February 2, 2016