Last week, storms broke out across numerous states and tornados killed dozens, injured thousands, and destroyed homes and businesses across the Midwest and in the South.

Although they are far away, the residents impacted by these storms live in towns with names familiar to us---Harrisburg, Illinois, Lebanon, Ohio and  Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Harrisburg, Illinois is a town of 9000 residents that was severely damaged last Wednesday morning.  Six residents were killed and more than 100 injured.  The residents in Harrisburg Illinois, and across all the areas affected are now working to pick up the pieces, to recover from these storms and to rebuild.

After these storms hit, folks from our area started asking: what can I do to help? Kelly Gallatin, an employee at the Department of Education asked “What is Harrisburg doing to help Harrisburg?”  And, at the same time—others throughout the region were asking the same thing---and WGAL took the lead to establish a special fund with the Red Cross

And so today, we are delighted that various organizations that represent the people and businesses of Central PA are coming together to show their support.
We are thankful to WGAL and the Red Cross for leading this effort and provided below is a link to the microfund that has been established to help those recovering from these devastating storms.  Please visit this site to make a donation today:
Red Cross Donation
Last Modified on March 8, 2012