Attention Alumni:

Previous class yearbooks are available for purchase. The cost is $30, payment is due at pick up and must cash or money order only. Below is the school, year and number of yearbooks currently available.

Please complete the order form and you will be contacted to arrange a pick up time.

School Year/ClassNumber  of Yearbooks Available

John Harris19203
John Harris19334
John Harris19387
John Harris19457
John Harris195811
John Harris196324
John Harris19653
Harrisburg High 19721
Harrisburg High 19756
Harrisburg High 197637
Harrisburg High 19785
Harrisburg High 19816
Harrisburg High 19825
Harrisburg High 198311
Harrisburg High 19841
Harrisburg High 198789
Harrisburg High 198837
Harrisburg High 19909
Harrisburg High 199736
Harrisburg High 199839
Harrisburg High 199947
Harrisburg High 200030
Harrisburg High 200145
Harrisburg High 200236
Harrisburg High 200355
Harrisburg High 200461
Harrisburg High 200559
Harrisburg High 200667
Harrisburg High 200714
Harrisburg High 200885
Last Modified on November 28, 2012