2016-2017 Scholarships Due in February

National CO-OP Scholarship - February 15, 2017
Amount:  varies

Who:  High School Seniors who plan to attend one of the ten WACE schools (see the scholarship application for the list of schools)

Major:  Any

Academic Requirements:  3.5 GPA

Essay:  Submit one-page essay describing why you have chosen to pursue a college copperative education program.

Click link below for scholarship application and instructions.


AKA, Epsilon Sigma Omega Chapter Heritage Memorial Scholarship - 
February 27, 2017 ​
Amount:  not specified
Who:  African American female high school senior currently enrolled in the Greater Harrisburg Schools.  Must plan to attend a two or four year college
Major:  Any
Academic Requirements:  Submit official high school transcript.
Letters of Recommendation:  Submit recommendation form from a high school official, church, or community leader.
Essay:  Write a 300 word speech about your growth and accomplishments during the past fours years of college.  Include your plans for the future.
Extracurricular/Community Activities:  Must provide
Other:  Must submit photograph.  Must provide financial information.
Big 33 Scholarships--Deadline February 24, 2017
Amount: Varies 
Who:  High School graduating seniors
Academic Requirements:  Varies
For information on the different scholarships available through the Big 33 Scholarship Foundation go to https://big33.org/ 
Read the criteria for each scolarship.  The applicant may apply for more than one scholarship.  
Ask your counselor to certify your application by March 3, 2017

Merit Shop Scholarship--Deadline February 24, 2017
Who:  Students who want to attend a trade school or 2 or 4 year college/university
Students must pursue a career in the construction industry
For scholarship details and to apply go to http://www.abckeystone.org/
Click on the ABC tab at the top and then click on scholarships available. 

PSECU Scholarship--Deadline February 28, 2017
Amount:  $8,000
Who:  High School graduating seniors. Must be a member of PSECU by 12/31/2016.
Academic Requirements:  School counselor must provide academic profile (GPA and class rank).
Test Scores:  School Counselor must submit SAT/ACT scores.
Essay:  Must compose two essays.  
For more information and application go to https://www.psecu.com/scholarships/
Kiwanis Club of Harrisburg Scholarship -- February 27, 2017 
Amount:  $2,400
Who:  Graduating High School Senior from Harrisburg School District
Major:  Any
Academic Requirements:  Must submit official high school transcript.
Extracurricular/Community Activities:  Provide information about your school and community involvement.
Essay:  N/A
Letters of Recommendation:  N/A
Other:  Provide information about your personal finances and cost to attend the college of your choice.  Must participate in a scholarship interview.
Click below for a copy of the scholarship application.  
Application is to be submitted to your school counselor by February 27, 2017
Kiwanis Scholarship Application -2017.pdf